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Cheap Things to Buy in Thailand

Thailand, known for its stunning beaches, vibrant street markets, and rich cultural history, is also a haven for bargain hunters. From delicious street food to unique handicrafts and everything in between, Thailand offers a multitude of inexpensive items that make for great souvenirs or personal treasures. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top cheap things to buy in Thailand, allowing you to make the most of your shopping experience without breaking the bank.

Table of Contents

  1. Street Market Finds
  2. Local Handicrafts
  3. Elephant-Themed Goodies
  4. Spices and Herbs
  5. Traditional Thai Clothing
  6. Gemstones and Jewelry

Street Market Finds

Thailand’s bustling street markets are a shopaholic’s paradise, offering an extensive variety of items at incredibly affordable prices. Whether you’re looking for clothing, accessories, or quirky souvenirs, these markets have got you covered.

Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok is a must-visit destination. With over 15,000 stalls sprawled across 35 acres, it is one of the largest markets in the world. Here, you can find everything from unique clothing pieces to handmade crafts, home decor, and even pets!

If you’re on the hunt for stylish clothing, head to the Pratunam Market in Bangkok. This wholesale market is a haven for fashion enthusiasts, offering a wide range of trendy apparel at unbeatable prices. Whether you’re looking for casual wear, formal attire, or even wedding dresses, Pratunam Market has it all.

Here are some other popular street markets in Thailand:

Market Location Features
Night Bazaar Chiang Mai Handicrafts, clothing, and local cuisine
Walking Street Market Pai Unique handmade crafts and accessories
Sunday Walking Street Market Phuket Art, jewelry, and local delicacies

Remember, when shopping at street markets, don’t be afraid to haggle. Bargaining is a common practice in Thailand, and you’ll often find that vendors are willing to negotiate prices.

Local Handicrafts

Thailand is renowned for its exquisite handicrafts, reflecting the country’s rich cultural heritage and skilled artisans. These unique and intricately crafted items make for wonderful keepsakes and gifts.

One popular traditional Thai handicraft is the “Mudmee” silk fabric. Produced mainly in northeastern Thailand, this handwoven silk incorporates vibrant colors and intricate patterns. From scarves and garments to tapestries and home decor, Mudmee silk products are not only beautiful but also showcase the remarkable craftsmanship of Thai artisans.

If you’re a fan of intricate woodworking, look no further than the northern region of Thailand. Chiang Mai, in particular, is known for its skillful woodcarving. Artisans here create stunning sculptures, furniture, and decorative items that reflect the region’s cultural traditions and history. From detailed elephant carvings to Buddhist figures, these woodcrafts offer a touch of elegance to any living space.

Here are some other local handicrafts to consider:

  • Benjarong porcelain: Hand-painted ceramics showcasing intricate designs
  • Hill tribe textiles: Unique woven fabrics created by ethnic minority groups
  • Bamboo products: Handcrafted baskets, home decor, and kitchenware

Elephant-Themed Goodies

Thailand is often associated with elephants, and you’ll find a plethora of elephant-themed goodies throughout the country. From clothing and accessories to home decor and ornaments, these items make for adorable and meaningful souvenirs.

The Elephant Parade, a social enterprise that aims to raise awareness about elephant conservation, produces a range of hand-painted elephant statues. These colorful and intricately designed replicas are not only delightful decorations but also contribute to a good cause. By purchasing Elephant Parade products, you support the welfare and conservation of elephants in Thailand.

Another popular item is the harem pants adorned with elephant prints. Comfortable and fashionable, these loose-fitting pants come in various colors and designs and are perfect for lounging or yoga sessions.

Spices and Herbs

Thailand is renowned for its vibrant and flavorful cuisine, and what better way to bring a taste of Thailand home than with local spices and herbs?

The vibrant open-air markets in Thailand offer a vast selection of aromatic spices, such as lemongrass, Thai basil, galangal, and kaffir lime leaves. These ingredients are the essence of Thai cuisine and can transform your home-cooked meals into authentic and delicious dishes.

If you’re an avid cook or want to experiment with Thai flavors, consider purchasing pre-packaged spice mixes. These convenient blends typically include ingredients like chili, garlic, coriander, and cumin, allowing you to effortlessly recreate traditional Thai dishes in your own kitchen.

Traditional Thai Clothing

Immerse yourself in Thai culture by purchasing traditional Thai clothing, which not only makes for a unique souvenir but also provides an opportunity to dress up for special occasions or cultural events.

The “Chut Thai,” or traditional Thai dress, is a beautiful garment often worn during festivals, weddings, or formal ceremonies. For women, a traditional Thai dress is called a “Pha Nung” or “Chakkri.” It consists of a long, flowing skirt paired with a fitted blouse, both adorned with intricate patterns and embroidery. Men typically wear a “Chang Pao” or “Chut Thai Set,” which includes loose-fitting pants and a Nehru-collared jacket.

These traditional outfits can be found in various markets and boutiques across Thailand. Consider seeking out garments made from natural Thai silk, as they often exhibit exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

Gemstones and Jewelry

Thailand has a well-established reputation for its gemstone industry, offering an array of high-quality, affordable gemstones and jewelry. Whether you’re looking for a breathtaking piece of jewelry or loose gemstones to create your own design, Thailand’s gem markets will captivate you.

Bangkok’s Jewelry Trade Center and Silom Road are renowned for their incredible selection of gemstones and jewelry. From rubies and sapphires to emeralds and diamonds, you’ll find a vast range of precious and semi-precious stones at competitive prices.

When purchasing gemstones, it’s essential to do research and buy from reputable sources. Ensure that you receive proper certification for any valuable gemstones, and consider consulting with experts to ensure you’re making an informed purchase.

Thailand truly is a shopping paradise for those seeking affordable and unique treasures. Whether it’s exploring vibrant street markets, appreciating traditional handicrafts, or indulging in the country’s rich culinary offerings, you’re bound to find something that catches your eye and fits your budget.

So, the next time you visit Thailand, don’t forget to leave some space in your luggage for these cheap and delightful finds!


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